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About Mary 

     As a Spiritual Director and Leadership Coach, I have a deep passion for bringing transformation, healing and renewal to people in their spiritual journey. I believe that the process of spiritual transformation is personal and unique. Every person needs companions who walk with them, helping them to recognize where they are struggling and where the transformational work of the Holy Spirit is bringing new life. Spiritual Direction and Leadership Coaching is the key to this process. 

   I have invested four decades in the spiritual care of others as a missional leader, an executive director, a mentor trainer and leadership coach, and as a women’s teacher and speaker. In 2017, I earned a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. In 2018, I will complete my internship as a Spiritual Director in the School of Spiritual Direction, offered by Soul Formation in Portland, OR. I am excited to become your spiritual director and/or leadership coach, walking with you as you deepen your life in God. It is a journey worth taking! 


Have questions about spiritual direction, leadership coaching or mentor training? Want to schedule a workshop or presentation? Fill out the form with your questions and I will get back to you! 

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