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Meet Mary


I have a deep passion for bringing transformation, healing and renewal to people in their spiritual journey. In my four decades as a missional leader and mentor across a wide socio-economic and cultural frame, I have come to recognize that spiritual transformation is uniquely personal and a foundational human task. We all need companions who help us give voice to where we are struggling and to name where new life is beginning through the transformational work of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual direction is key to this process.

I have been in spiritual direction for 8 years with Rita Nussli, associate staff at Soul Formation. This experience led me to earn my Certificate in Spiritual Direction with Soul Formation, refining my gifts of discernment while adding to my learning. In addition, I have my Masters in Global Leadership and my Doctorate in Intercultural Studies, both from Fuller Theological Seminary. I have, as well, received training from Soul Formation in the Ignatian Exercises (19th Annotation).

My areas of expertise include working with:

  • non-profit leaders in cross-cultural, urban/poverty contexts

  • women in leadership and/or supporting spouses in leadership positions

  • persons who have experienced trauma related to abuse, abandonment and/or divorce;

  • LGBTQ+ persons and/or their family members;

  • persons with higher education degrees who feel stale in their spiritual lives

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